I’ve been a writer most of my adult life. In the mid and late 1990s, my focus was on non-fiction. During the 90s, I used the ubiquitous Microsoft Word and Aldus Pagemaker for my writing. Now, I use Ulysses (for macOS and iOS) and Markdown (not software, but a markup language for quick and distraction free writing) for large writing projects.

You can see a list of books I’ve authored on my Amazon Author’s page at:


As I work with new writing tools, and as I begin my foray into fiction, this page will consolidate posts related to my experiences.

A note to literary agents

If you are a literary agent looking for a motivated, experienced writer with an intriguing genre story, why not get in touch with me now and learn more? First draft of my new novel, and first piece of fiction, will be finished by the last quarter of 2017 with an anticipated final draft ready by second quarter of 2018. You can send inquires to: