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3 September 2009

HOWTO: Use the OS X on screen keyboard to create symbols

by Steven B. Combs, Ph.D.

Here’s a tip that will let you access symbols quickly – even obscure ones. It involves using the Mac OS X on-screen keyboard and Characters window. Here’s how to access these tools in OS X Snow Leopard:

The Characters window provides access to every symbol available. If you need arrows, math symbols, music notes or any other obscure symbol, this is the place to begin looking. If you just need access to standard symbols, try using the on screen keyboard to quickly located them following the steps below.

Keyboard Layout - Option Key

Keyboard Layout - Option + Shift

As noted in the images, if you hold down the Option key (⌥), or the Option + Shift key (⌥+⇧), the keyboard will change to display the characters available using normal keyboard shortcuts.

Enjoy having access to every symbol conceivable for your documents.

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