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28 March 2020

OPEN THE BOX: Cloner Alliance Box Pro

by Steven B. Combs, Ph.D.
tags: openthebox - cloneralliance - hdmi - recorder - obsstudio

Time to open the box on a Cloner Alliance Box Pro (#ad); a device that promises to be the one device to capture them all (video that is). This post is not a full review, just a few thoughts and a short eight-minute YouTube video to show what’s inside the box and talk about how I plan to use the device.

YouTube video, OPEN THE BOX: Cloner Alliance Box Pro


Not only do I take the Cloner Alliance Box Pro out of it’s box, I also look at the product’s design, features, and included cables. I even call an HDMI cable a USB cable. What fun! And because that’s not the only error I make in the video, be on the lookout for pop-up corrections!

I purchased the Cloner Alliance Box Pro because I hope to do the following things with the device:

I’ll run the device through its paces soon and I hope to capture my experiences in a future video and/or blog post.

SIDE NOTE: I’m learning to use the free DaVinci Resolve version 16.2. Amazing video editing software and I don’t know how or why it is free! There will probably more information on that side project in the future (or not; who knows).

Drop a comment below and let me know if you use a Cloner Alliance Box Pro (#ad). I’d love to hear from folks who use it in creative ways and with OSB Studio (if that is possible).

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