Blog posts and video from Steven as he “COMBS” through the minutia to discover tech, retro-computing, physical computing, gadgets and sci-fi.

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Commodore Plus/4 Series


I dabble in code. I am not an expert and users of any code related project I share should do so at their own risk. My projects are sure not to be bug tested or optimized in any way. Did I mention I dabble in code?!? You have been warned.

Below are my code related project attempts. I also maintain a GIST repository of code snippets from various projects. These are available on GitHub.

Hello World

I’m creating a Hello World page that demonstrates a single program in multiple languages. You may find this valuable if you are new to coding and have an interest in the different programming languages and structure. Please note that this page is under construction.

Alfred Workflows

My Alfred workflows creations or those I use on a regular basis are below.


Web development (Jekyll, Blogger, GitHub, etc.) related posts are below.


My programming experiences as well as the tools I use are in the posts below.

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