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6 July 2013

BULLET REVIEW: Sonos Play3 with Bridge

by Steven B. Combs, Ph.D.

A couple of weeks ago, my wife made an offer to purchase a Sonos Play:3 for me for Father’s Day. I’ve been eyeing and researching the streaming music device for months and I believe she knew I was intent on trying one, so why not make it a gift. Good call!

At the time, Sonos was offering the Play:3 with a Sonos Bridge (a $50 savings). She found the best deal on Amazon. It is now a wonderful addition to our living room (a location that will actually spread sound throughout our entire first floor). After a couple of weeks, It was time for a Bullet Review.

The Good:

The Bad:


If my wife finds the Sonos compelling, it must be good. Right? She’s really good with tech, but she was a bit hesitant about this purchase. I came home from work one day and she surprised me by saying that “the Sonos kept me motivated during work today…and it was fun!” Probably not a better endorsement than that one. I can’t wait until we save up and can afford another component such as the larger Play:5, sound bar or the subwoofer.

If you have a Sonos or if you simply have a question or comment, drop it in the comments area below.

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