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25 October 2012

Education by the numbers

by Steven B. Combs, Ph.D.

Since beginning my new higher education administrative role, I’ve been inundated by numbers of every type. Almost every professional document I read, or meeting I attend, contains some percentage, amount, cost or goal. Some of them are redundant and insignificant while others I find interesting or valuable. Let me present the most interesting numbers that have presented themselves to me in the past couple of days.

Those are just few numbers that were discussed today during a recent regional academic officer’s meeting. There were others, as I found while perusing my notes, but these were the digits I found most interesting, striking, confusing or worrisome. I’ll keep my eyes open in the future for other numbers and when I do find more of interest, I’ll try and remember to consolidate them and add to a future post.

1 IndyStar2 IN.gov3 Stats Indiana

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