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11 November 2013

Thank a Veteran Today!

by Steven B. Combs, Ph.D.

Once again the time has come for us to honor those that have sacrificed themselves so that we may enjoy the freedoms of this great land. While we officially recognize the contributions of our veteran’s twice a year, we should be grateful daily for their continued service and sacrifices.

I am especially grateful for those that served and still serve “down-range.” Every day they are in harms way, is a day we are able to sleep comfortably knowing that we are being protected by the best military in the world. A military staffed by volunteers willing to offer themselves in service to their country. Are you willing to make this sacrifice? If not, you should be especially grateful. Because if not for them, then who?

Whatever your political bent:

Get out there and thank a veteran!

It is because of their sacrifice that you get to enjoy and voice your political views without fear or retribution. Not willing to thank them? Put your viewpoints on the shelf as you don’t deserve the liberty they provide.

Finally, I add a special thanks to those who served by my side during my two military careers (Air Force and Army). Many friendships were made and I am happy that many of them still endure even after my 27-years of service. Happy Veteran’s Day Y‘all!

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