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Commodore Plus/4 Resource Page

This page is a work in progress; however, it serves as a resource page for readers and watchers of my Commodore Plus/4 series. I encourage you to contribute to this project by commenting on YouTube videos or blog posts.

retroCombs Plus/4

User’s Manual

As part of my Commodore Plus/4 YouTube series, I work through each chapter of the Plus/4 manual. I’ve also taken the time to scan and provides those below. I will release new chapters with each new video.

  1. Front Matter
  2. Chapter 1 - Unpacking and Setting Up
  3. Chapter 2 - Using the Keyboard and the Screen

Key to Keys

Because the Commodore Plus/4 keyboard is so different from modern keyboards, I had to devise and modernize key nomenclature to identify keystroke combinations as shown in the table below:

Key Description Key Description
Caps Lock F1 Function 1
C= Commodore F2 Function 2
Control F3 Function 3
Escape F4 Function 4
Home F5 Function 5
Insert/Delete F6 Function 6
Return F7 Function 7
RS Run/Stop F8 Help

Below is a link to each blog post in the series. Each blog post contains the companion YouTube video and most include links to items or sites. This page captures a collection of all links mentioned.

  1. Commodore Plus/4 - Open the Box

    I share my first experience with a Commodore computer (it is not the Plus/4) and then we open the box on my eBay purchase.

  2. Commodore Plus/4 - Chapter 1, Unpacking and Setting Up

    I open the Commodore Plus/4 manual for the first time and look at Chapter 1: Unpacking and Setting Up. Since the previous episode was an open the box, unpacking is already complete and this episode focuses on setting up the computer. Along the way I share a very cool tip.

  3. Commodore Plus/4 - Chapter 2, Using the Keyboard and the Screen - Coming Soon

    I talk about the keyboard layout, using the keyboard, and then how keyboard combinations affect screen elements. This is really a “hands on” episode!