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retroCombs Supporters (THE BEST IN THE WORLD!)

I have “the best supporters in the world” contributing to this blog and companion YouTube channel. It may be a small group, but it is a mighty and communicative one that is the heart of a growing community of retro computing fans. Below is a list of those supporters and their current levels.

Supporters (chronological order)

Name One-Time Multiple Member*
Jamie Copeland 🕹️ 🕹️  
Rapoza Glen 🕹️    
Jeffrey Phipps 🕹️ 🕹️🕹️🕹️🕹️🕹️  
Mislav Krleža 🕹️ 🕹️🕹️ ️  
Mark Dell 🕹️    

*Option not yet available. Each 🕹️ in multiple column = $50 increments. Updated 2021-10-17.

If you would like your name linked to your site, business, or social media presence, let me know!

Become a Supporter

To become a supporter and have your name (or anonymous) on this page (or in future videos), read below to learn how and what current and future benefits are on the way.

  1. Buy me a coffee.
  2. Click the ♡ THANKS button underneath one of my videos.
  3. Click the SUPER CHAT option during a livestream.
  4. Become a MEMBER option coming soon!.
  5. Send me a piece of retro or retro-related tech. Send me an email to discuss where to send.

No matter which option you choose, your name will appear on this page in one or multiple categories; one-time, multiple, and/or member (coming soon).

Your support, along with my use of Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate links, allows me to provide more gadget and retro-computing content.

Current Benefits

  • One-time: My sincere gratitude for any amount with a thank you via email; buy me a coffee reply, tweet, or combination.
  • Multiple: $50 or more cumulative or one-time and you get a free retroCombs magnet shipped to you anywhere in the world! Each 🕹️ in table = $50.
  • Member: Coming Soon!. Membership may include first access to videos, member messages, invite to members Discord, name as executive producer on videos, and/or link to channel or social media presence on this page.

Have an idea? Send me a recommendation via email to as I continue to plan on the roll-out for this feature.

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