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Commodore Plus/4 Series

TEDuino: The TED (264) Series Commodore Datasette Reimagined

This page is an ongoing resource for readers and watchers of my Commodore Plus/4 series. This page captures content from my TEDuino project. I encourage you to contribute to this project by commenting on YouTube videos or on individual blog posts.

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The TEDuino is a modern reimagining of Commodore TED (264) series Datasette using the Tapuino software, an Arduino, readily available electronic components, and my 3D printer (.stl) files.

Key to Keys

Because the Commodore Plus/4 keyboard is so different from modern keyboards, I had to devise and modernize key nomenclature to identify keystroke combinations as shown in the table below:

Key Description Key Description
Caps Lock F1 Function 1
C= Commodore F2 Function 2
Control F3 Function 3
Escape F4 Function 4
Home F5 Function 5
Insert/Delete F6 Function 6
Return F7 Function 7
RS Run/Stop F8 Help
Shift Space

Below is a link to each blog post in the series. Each blog post contains the companion YouTube video and most include links to items or sites. This page captures a collection of all links mentioned.

  1. retroCombs: The Tapuino Project - Build an Arduino powered Commodore Datasette clone for the Commodore Plus/4
  2. Announcing the TEDuino

About .tap Files

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